5 Acceptable Ideas to Regulate Vaping

green vaping rule checkmarksThose of us who already know how safe vaping really is continue to scratch our heads at the obstinate and outrageous hue and cry of our legislators regarding the vaping industry. It seems so easy for Big Brother to ignore the fact that vaping is 95% safer than smoking tobacco, and that vaping has become the go-to method world-wide for quitting the cigarette habit.

In our dream world, vaping would be fully supported and dare we say it, even government-subsidized as a top-notch smoking cessation tool. While we were dreaming, we came up with five pieces of legislation that we, the vaping community, could, and would, comfortably accept.

  1. Child-proof caps on all e-liquid bottles. This one is idiotically logical, but we thought we’d start with the obvious!
  1. Regulate the batteries used in mechanical and box mods and e-cigarettes. Reasonable standards of efficacy should include a strong and highly visible warning not to use non-compatible charging units (like your cell phone’s charger!) when recharging e-cig batteries.
  1. Ban diacetyl from all e-liquids. Diacetyl is a carcinogen, and although it would take a huge amount of it to actually give a vaper ‘popcorn lung’, it’s an unnecessary ingredient in e-juice. There are plenty of other substitutes for diacetyl that could be used in the manufacturing of e-liquid, and while we’re at it, we should also ban all possible carcinogens from e-juice including formaldehyde.
  1. Post a list of all ingredients including nicotine, clearly and readably on all e-juice bottles. Nicotine content is particularly important because it’s poisonous if ingested, and could actually cause the demise of a child or pet.
  1. Establish a review process organization for all existing and ongoing new e-cigarette products, modules, add-ons and e-liquid. This team would be responsible for establishing a set of standards for formal certification of all vape manufacturers and shop vendors, both online and storefront. Rather than being viewed as a disciplinarian of those not meeting said standards, it would help the vaping business community reach an even higher benchmark of manufacturing, education and sales.

Think we’ve missed anything? Tell us in the comments below!

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