5 Great Eliquid Flavours to Ring in Spring

springtime ejuice flavoursSpring has finally sprung, and hopefully it’s here to stay! As the season changes, so do many vapers’ preferences for the type of eliquid they like to vape.

Vapor Jedi has you covered!

We offer a variety of eliquid flavours that will remind you of spring – heck, they may even add an extra spring in your step when you get a chance to try them.

Here are 5 great eliquid flavours that are the perfect option to ring in spring:


  1. Peach Tea

Who doesn’t love a glass of iced tea during a warm spring day? There is no doubt that peach is one of the best flavours of iced tea. Whether you are a tea lover or simply want a refreshing eliquid flavour to vape, this one is for you!

Get Peach Tea eliquid here!

  1. Hilbury Watermelon

Eating watermelon is a staple at spring family BBQs. Why not add to the experience by vaping a watermelon flavoured eliquid this spring? It’s the ultimate spring flavour.

Grab this watermelon flavour ejuice here!

  1. Blue Berrymore

Blue raspberry has become one of the most popular flavours for everything from juice to candy, and it’s also taking the ecigarette industry by storm. This eliquid has a cool sensation and is not too candy-ish.

Get this ejuice flavour today!

  1. Persus Sweet Blueberry Yogurt

Who wants some fresh fruit and yogurt? This is exactly what you’ll get with this eliquid flavour from Yogen Fog. They also have a cantaloupe cream ejuice that is amazing!

Get this popular eliquid flavour now!

  1. Strawberry Cream

One of the best parts of spring is going strawberry picking and eating local strawberries. However, until they are ready, vapers can hold themselves over with a rich and creamy strawberry cream eliquid. It’s available in 3 sizes and 5 strength levels.

Get your strawberry fix with this eliquid!

Buy these and many other eliquid flavours on our eliquid page. Here you can shop by brand and flavour. We guarantee you will find an ejuice flavour you’ll enjoy.

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