8 Vaping Christmas Gifts Under $25

mod standCan you believe it’s December already? Christmas is fast approaching. Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Looking for some stocking stuffers or last minute gift ideas for the vaper in your life?

We have you covered!

To help you with your holiday shopping this year, we have put together a list of great vaping Christmas gifts for less than $25!

  1. Eliquid: Ranging from $8 and up, there are dozens of ejuice flavour All you need to do is figure out which flavours your vaper enjoys. Sample packs are a great option as they give vapers the chance to sample a number of new flavours.
  2. E-cig cases: Ecig cases are the perfect accessory to protect your ecig while on the go. Get them from Vapor Jedi for $9.
  3. Mod Stands: Mod stands are perfect stocking stuffers. Ranging from $2.50 to $9, you can pick up a new one in different colours.
  4. Lanyards and holsters: Looking for something small to make it easier to carry your ecig? Do you know someone who always seems to misplace their ecig? A lanyard or holster is a great gift idea that will come in handy. Prices range from $9 to $30.
  5. Ecig batteries: Tired of hearing the vaper in your life complain that their battery needs to charge? Grab them a few extra ecig batteries. Prices range from $5 to $18. You can never have too many!
  6. Ecig battery chargers: Just like with batteries, you can never have too many chargers kicking around. We offer a number of ecig battery charger options, many of which are $25 or under. If you want to splurge, you can get chargers for up to $65.
  7. MOD parts: While Mech Mods may be out of your price range, you can certainly get a number of Mod parts for the vaper in your life, but you may want to consult them before you buy. Prices range from $2 and up.
  8. Apparel: Does the vaper in your life love Vapor Jedi? Get them some apparel to sport. We have t-shirts and hats starting at $17.

Sometimes, shopping for someone else can be tricky. So if you’re not entirely sure what to get, opt for a gift card and let them choose their own perfect vaping Christmas gifts.

Happy Holidays!

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