Artisanal Ejuice + Vaping Mixology

vaping mixologySophisticated vapers are beginning to demand more from their e-liquids. In the beginning, it was enough to be able to purchase an e-juice that tasted somewhat like tobacco, with just a hint of mint. Knowing that the vapour cloud you could produce also contained enough nicotine to give you that good old cigarette buzz without all the health hazards associated with it, made you feel warm and fuzzy, and, dare we say, somewhat smug and healthier. But that was then, and this is now.

Small batch ejuice is in vogue!

Today’s eliquids are morphing into Artisanal blends that remind us of fine wines, micro-brewery beers and gloriously aged whiskies. Philip Rocke’s Grand Reserve Crème de la Crème e-liquid probably tops them all. It’s highly regarded by all who have tried it, having been steeped for months in reclaimed brandy barrels and developing notes of Arabica coffee, hazelnut and cream. Each mini-batch is slightly different than the one before, and that’s a good thing – just as each year’s version of a fine wine will be marginally different but still wonderful than its predecessors.

Eliquid mixology

Artisanal e-liquids have a distinct flavour layering that begins on the inhale and changes on the exhale or finish. Now you can inhale a ripe sweet strawberry and exhale a tangy white peach, or inhale mellow honeydew melon and exhale a tropical coconut finish. Then there are the ‘odd’ flavour combinations – like strawberry licorice, fruit loops and milk or cinnamon toast crunch. It’s not too much to imagine that soon you’ll be able to order up your own ‘small’ small batch of e-liquid in a flavour of your own creation. We’re seriously lusting for Vodka Martini – a crisp, clean burn on the inhale with a lingering ripe olive finish – oh yes please!

Of course there are naysayers. These are probably the same people that claim no-name beer tastes exactly the same as Coors Light or Rickards Red. It’s a case of you get what you pay for, and if you’re content to vape Vanilla Cookie or Mountain Dew, go right ahead – we’re not here to judge. We like to have at least one vial of ‘the good stuff’ in our stash, for vaping on special occasions or when we really just ‘need’ it. But the rest of the time, we’re quite content to vape our favourite regularly-priced e-juices.

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