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Who’s Selling Ecigs to Teens?

A recent four-month study in Canada has shown that vaping is not the gateway to smoking tobacco it has been purported to be. From July to October 2015, teenagers aged 15 to 17 were asked to attempt to buy e-cigarettes

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Anti-Vaping Campaigns Could Have Adverse Effect

Push too hard in one direction and you could have an adverse impact on what you are trying to accomplish. This is exactly what is starting to happen with the anti-vaping campaigns by public health officials in Canada. For years,

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Smoking vs. Vaping – Do You Have All the Facts?

How much do you really know about the great ‘smoking cigarettes’ versus ‘vaping e-liquid’ debate? Actually, in our world there’s not too much ‘debate’ about which is the safer choice, but if you’re a newbie to the vape world, or

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Who Vapes More – Men or Women?

Comparing the habits of men and women is something society has done for eternity, so why not compare vaping habits, right? So, who vapes more? What do you think? Men or women? If you guessed men, you are right on

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Ontario’s Misguided Anti-vaping Campaign

A few weeks back we got a good belly laugh when reading Ontario’s ‘The Making Healthier Choices Act’. In a ‘nut’shell, this archaic pronouncement treats vaping as if it were as harmful as smoking tobacco, despite escalating scientific evidence that

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5 Great Eliquid Flavours to Ring in Spring

Spring has finally sprung, and hopefully it’s here to stay! As the season changes, so do many vapers’ preferences for the type of eliquid they like to vape. Vapor Jedi has you covered! We offer a variety of eliquid flavours

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5 Acceptable Ideas to Regulate Vaping

Those of us who already know how safe vaping really is continue to scratch our heads at the obstinate and outrageous hue and cry of our legislators regarding the vaping industry. It seems so easy for Big Brother to ignore

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PATH Study Findings Reveal E-Cigarette Trends

Many inside and outside the tobacco industry are keeping a keen eye on ecigarette usage trends. They are paying close attention on who uses them, how many, and what type of ecigarettes people are choosing to use. One group that

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Nicotine E-Liquid – Why Quality and Care is so Important

If you’re not into nicotine e-liquid, you may think this post isn’t important to you as a vaper. But many of the same principles apply to non-nicotine e-juice, so please do read on! Nicotine is not tobacco. Nicotine is a

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Ecig Explosions Are Rare – Batteries Are the Issue

We are sure by now that you have read your fair share of stories about exploding ecigarettes – we’ve actually written about a few of them on our blog, as well (check them out at the end of this post).

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