‘A Billion Lives’ – The Vaping Documentary

Vaping Documentary, A Billion LivesIt’s a first for the vaping community. ‘A Billion Lives’ is a full-length documentary film about to explode onto the world stage. It’s the true story of the vaping revolution, and of the corruption and deceit of pharmaceutical companies, governments and health providers who purport the evils of vaping over smoking tobacco products.

Aaron Biebert, director and executive producer of the documentary, claims a billion lives worldwide could be saved in this century if vaping was recognized as the life-saver it can be. The film is set for release on May 11, 2016, at a major film festival yet to be disclosed.

The publication of hundreds of so-called scientific studies addressing the evils of vaping was the catalyst that spurred Biebert to create this film.

“When the New England Journal of Medicine published that study showing how e-cigarette vapour had more formaldehyde than cigarettes, I took notice,” he said. “I have friends that quit smoking after taking up vaping and I was concerned to see that e-cigarettes were worse. After I mentioned that study to a vaper, they pointed me to one scientist’s rebuttal showing that the entire study was built on the false premise of overheating the liquid. The entire study was a sham.”

Surprisingly, Biebert does not lay blame at the feet of Big Tobacco. Rather, he asserts it’s the greed of Big Pharma, Big Government and Big Legal, closely followed by the media and the non-profits that are responsible for the dark deceptions about vaping that have been perpetrated on the general public. “They all have an addiction to money, and they are sacrificing their core missions in pursuit of it.” Biebert claims.

After Facebook rejected ‘A Billion Lives’ because “ads may not promote tobacco or tobacco-related products, including e-cigarettes,” Biebert’s supporters bombarded Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook team with support for the film … and won!  “This is just the beginning,” said Biebert.

Speaking for ourselves, we are eagerly anticipating the release of this film.

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