What is BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) Technology?

BVC Bottom Vertical CoilBVC, BDC, top coil, bottom coil, atomizer, clearomizer – there are a lot of odd-sounding parts that make up a modern-day ecigarette. Two of the most common questions we’re asked are, “What is BVC?” and “What’s the difference between BVC and BDC?”

What started as a simple one-piece device, has since evolved into a myriad of ecigs under various name brands, with different delivery systems, flavours and fan faves.

It can be confusing … even for us at times! But not to worry, we’re here to help you explore and understand some exciting new ecig technology.

What is BVC?

BVC stands for Bottom Vertical Coil
When the user puffs on the ecig,  liquid is pulled from the atomizer’s reservoir into the atomizer pot.  At the same time,  the ‘coil’  is heating up, which in turn heats the eliquid until it becomes vapor. This vapor is drawn up through the ecig and out of the mouthpiece and voila – you’re vaping!

What is BDC?

BDC stands for Bottom Dual Coils
Recently, some brands have changed their BDC (Bottom Dual Coils) coils for the new BVC coils. BDCs had two coils stacked on top of each other, while the newer BVC has a vertical coil inside the atomizer.

Which is better?

It’s hard to get a reliable answer to which coil is better, so we asked random vapers to give us the pros and cons of both  BDCs and BVCs. Here’s what a few of them they had to say (names have been changed for anonymity).

  • Vergil Vape had this to say: “BDC is a stinker, BVC is a winner.”
  • Virginia Vaperette commented: “BDCs are fine when they work! BVCs give super flavor and vapor.”
  • Vince Vaper offered: “BVCs are new, so I don’t know how reliable they’ll be, but they are definitely an improvement over BDCs. So far, so good, so for me, it’s BVCs all the way!”

We want to know … what’s your preference, the BVC or the BDC? Share your thoughts with us below!

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