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The Overlooked Benefit of Ecigarettes – Tax Revenue

From the day they were first introduced into the marketplace, ecigarettes have been fighting an uphill battle. They have had to take on the big tobacco companies; local, provincial, and federal governments; and advocacy groups that are against the spread

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UK Hospitals Allow Ecigarettes on Premises to Help Patients Quit Smoking

A number of hospitals in the United Kingdom have just lent a huge amount of credibility to the vaping movement with the decision to allow patients and staff members to vape on the hospital premises. They officially removed the ban

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Does Vaping Instead of Smoking Save Lives?

Smoking and vaping are and will forever be connected with one another. For some, vaping is viewed as a completely different thing; for others, it’s an alternative to smoking. For some, they believe it’s just as bad as smoking, and

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5 Vaping Myths Tobacco Companies Want You To Believe

… and why you should  try vaping. Have you failed again to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes? Don’t feel bad. Like the ad says – it takes practice to kick the habit. The tobacco companies don’t want you to quit, so

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Exploring the Benefits of Nicotine

Deep in thought last week, we asked ourselves an important question. If anti-smoking advocates are applying the same terror tactics to vaping and e-cigarettes as they are to the use of tobacco products, are they not missing out on a

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