CDC – please tell the truth!

CDCAmerica’s Centre for Disease Control (CDC) consistently misrepresents e-cigarette statistics. Recently a spokesperson declared “the decline in teenage tobacco usage is too modest to be statistically significant.” We wish we could ask the CDC what they’re smoking!

Just over a year ago, the CDC’s Dr. Brian King published a report in Nicotine & Tobacco Research that at least 15 times referred to the increase in American e-cigarette usage, then concluded e-cigarette use is leveling off. Could you repeat that double-talk please?

What we’re saying here is that the CDC regularly picks and chooses what it will share with us from classified datasets, passes that info on to the media for slant augmentation, and the result is a story that cannot be challenged until months or even years later when those ‘secret’ datasets are finally released for public scrutiny. Why the American public puts up with such abuse of lawful authority by a taxpayer-funded public health agency is beyond us.

Once upon a time the CDC had an excellent reputation.  A recent investigative report published in the British Medical Journal questions the CDC’s integrity, specifically in its claim that “they have no financial interests or other relationships with the manufacturers of commercial products.” Right! The truth is the CDC has received, and continues to receive, millions of dollars from Big Pharma in ‘industry gifts and funding’ since 1983, and in fact, in 1995 President Bill Clinton approved legislation to encourage relationships between industry and the CDC. We think it’s safe to conclude the CDC is not a deity!

But let’s get back to vaping, e-cigarettes and teenagers. If e-cigs were more easily available to teenagers, maybe we wouldn’t see those hordes of teens clustered just outside the school boundaries smoking tobacco cigarettes. We know – it’s a radical idea, but that’s what we’re here for.  We think Jacob Sullum at Reason got it right when he said “Vaping rises to record highs, smoking falls to record lows, and activists insist e-cigarettes are a gateway to smoking.”

We believe that e-cigarettes are the gateway away from tobacco smoking. What do you think?

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