Nicotine E-Liquid – Why Quality and Care is so Important

Quality E-LiquidIf you’re not into nicotine e-liquid, you may think this post isn’t important to you as a vaper. But many of the same principles apply to non-nicotine e-juice, so please do read on!

Nicotine is not tobacco. Nicotine is a naturally occurring pesticide that keeps the tobacco plant, and many other plants, safe from pests. Nicotine is definitely an addictive substance that acts as both as a stimulant and a relaxant at the same time.

Liquid nicotine is an extract from the tobacco plant, and once extracted must be carefully maintained to a superior purity level in order to be processed into top-quality e-juice.

When a high standard of handling is not observed, vaping nicotine e-liquid can quickly become a not-so-enjoyable experience. Follow these rules regarding purity, air, light and temperature when using nicotine e-liquids and you should enjoy satisfying vaping.

Purity: Nicotine must be at least 99% pure if it’s going to be made into quality e-juice. Pay attention to where your e-juice was manufactured. Most North American e-liquids are processed under strict purity standards, but ask your e-cigarette/ e-liquid vendor for his advice.

Air: Oxidation is nicotine’s worst enemy, so keep your e-liquid’s exposure to air to a minimum. Work quickly when filling, and keep your bottles of e-juice tightly capped.

Light: Quality e-liquid is sold in light-proof bottles, yet you should never expose said bottles to direct sunlight. That means keeping your e-juice in a closed cupboard at home, or in the closed console of your vehicle. Keep in mind that during the summer months in the north, or all year in the south, a closed vehicle can reach extremely high temperatures – see below!

Temperature: Extreme heat will damage your e-juice, so the best place to store your e-liquids is tightly capped in the refrigerator. If you store your e-liquids in the fridge, you kill three birds with one stone – air, light and temperature! Most experts estimate that e-liquids maintain their freshness for at least a full year, so use what you buy within that year.

Finally and obviously, purchase your e-juices from a reputable source. If you’re buying online, read the reviews. If you’re buying in person, ask some fellow customers about their experiences with this retailer. Word of mouth is often the best advice!

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