Ecig Explosions Are Rare – Batteries Are the Issue

ecig explosionsWe are sure by now that you have read your fair share of stories about exploding ecigarettes – we’ve actually written about a few of them on our blog, as well (check them out at the end of this post). The most recent exploding ecigarette situation occurred on March 14th in Kitchener, Ontario, resulting in a vehicle fire. The owner of the ecigarette was taken to hospital with minor injuries and is expected to make a full recovery.

However, what many people fail to realize, due in large part to how the media reports these type of incidents, is that this is only the second occurrence of this happening in Canada — ever.

“This is the second one that we have heard of in Canada,” John Haste, a director with the Electronic Cigarette Trade Association of Canada told CBC News.

“There was one incident that we are aware of in Lethbridge, the first we had heard of in Canada, which appeared to involve a mechanical mod device,” he said.

Batteries Are the Issue

One of the biggest misconceptions about ecigarettes malfunctioning or exploding is that, while blame is often placed directly on the device itself, it is actually the battery that is the cause of the explosion.

“It’s important to realize that this is not unique to electronic cigarettes, and it’s not the electronic cigarette that explodes, it’s the battery,” Haste said. “This happens with cell phones, laptops, power tools and any other electronics with Li-Ion batteries. We just don’t see those in the news because they aren’t the big story right now.”

Other issues that can cause ecigarette issues of this nature include poor maintenance and improper use of mech mods – customizing the electronic cigarette.  It is unknown whether or not the device was old, mishandled, damaged or modified – all issues that could lead to a malfunction.

As we have stated in the past:

  • Modify your ecig at your own risk
  • Do not use cell phone chargers for ecigs
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Use proper batteries for vaping devices

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