The Ecigarette Industry – Vaping News 2015 in Review

2015 was a big year for us here at Vapor Jedi. It was a great year for us, and an action-packed year for the ecigarette industry in general. There were lots of new products, vaping accessories and ejuice flavours that came to market, a number of studies discussing the pros and cons of ecigarette use, and no shortage of vaping news stories.

Just in case you missed them, or want to catch up on what happened in the vaping industry in 2015, here is a collection of some of our best blog posts from the year:

Ecigarettes & Vaping News

Vapor Advocates of Ontario at Toronto’s Ecigarette Protest Rally

Vaping in Public Legalized in Ontario One Day, Repealed the Next

Ecigarette News: Legal Updates on Vaping

E-cigarettes are Exploding in the News!

U.S. Bans E-cigarettes from Checked Baggage

Bill 45: Making Healthier Choices Act 2015

Media Misleading People About E Cigarette Research

Teens & Underage Vaping

Comparing Ecigarette Use by Teens to Other Temptations

CDC – please tell the truth!

Underage Vaping: Ecigs Don’t Make Teens Smoke

Underage Vaping: Why Vaping Is Not Necessarily a Gateway to Smoking

Ecigarette Research

7 Side Effects Associated with Vaping Ecigs

Stop Smoking, Get a Free E-Cigarette

Vaping Is More than Just a Cigarette Replacement

Is Vaping Safer than Smoking Tobacco?

UK Study Endorses E-Cig Vaping

Switching from Tobacco to Ejuice Could Reduce Hot Flashes

Is Eliquid Less Addictive than Tobacco?

Studies Support Vaping as an Alternative to Smoking

Vaping & Marijuana

Benefits of Vaping Medical Marijuana

Study Shows Vaping Weed May Be a New Teen Trend

New Vaping Developments & Info

Introducing i-Fuse, the Hybrid e-Cigarette

Top 5 Vaping Trends to Watch Out for Heading into 2016

10 Vaping Myths Exposed – Part 1

10 Vaping Myths Exposed – Part Deux

Suzanne’s Transition from Smoking to Vaping

What is BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) Technology?

Vaping Etiquette: Where & When Is It Socially Acceptable?

How to Clean Your Ecigarette

Understanding Electronic Cigarettes: What’s a Throat Hit?

Fun Vaping Posts

Choose an Ejuice Flavour Based on the Food You Love

You Can Vape on the Trip, But Not on the Ship

14 Famous Celebrity Ecig Vapers

So Many E-juice Flavours, So Little Time!

Learn the Language of Vaping

Ecig Facts: 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Vaping

Thank you for all your support in 2015 and stay tuned for lots of timely vaping news, research and hot new products ! Now tell us … which posts did you like best in our 2015 collection?

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