Silly Vape Tricks or Why Teens are Vaping, Not Smoking

So much has been written about vaping being ‘the gateway’ to tobacco cigarettes  for teenagers, but it turns out the true lure of the e-cigarette for teens is non-nicotine flavoured e-juice … and the tricks that can be performed with its vapour. While adults rhapsodize about the similarities between smoking cigarettes and vaping e-juice, kids see vaping as totally detached from smoking tobacco, and a new fun ‘cool’ way to show off their ever-expanding roster of ‘vape tricks’. So, in the spirit of reader education, we present the ‘how-to’ on three relatively easy e-cig vape tricks.

Vape Trick: Ghost HitVape Trick #1: The Ghost Hit

This is one of the first vape tricks most vapers learn. It involves forming a ball of vapour in your closed mouth, releasing it then quickly snapping it back into your mouth. Take a long drag of vapour into your mouth (don’t inhale!), then ‘swish’ it in your closed mouth (think mouthwash)  into a ball. Let the ball out gently then quickly suck it back into your mouth. Now you see it, now you don’t!

Vape tricks: The BubbleVape Trick #2: The Vape Bubble

For this vape trick, you’ll need some props. Gather together a small bowl of extra soapy water (any kind of liquid soap will do the ‘trick’!) and an empty toilet roll. Dip one end of the roll into the soapy water, take a long pull on your vaporizer and slowly exhale into the non-soapy end of the roll. That should produce a bubble that is filled with vapour. Continue to exhale until the bubble size suits you, then pop it with your finger to release the vapour. Always a party pleaser!


Vape tricks: the dragon

Vape Trick #3: The Dragon

This trick is sure to impress Game of Thrones fans. Executed correctly, it should make you resemble one of Daenerys’ fiery pets. Take a long drag without inhaling. Then forcefully expel the vapour through your nostrils and through the sides of your mouth. Wow … just wow!

So while the powers that be continue the debate on whether e-cigarettes are leading our youth down the slippery slope to nicotine hell, the kids are playing with a new toy that just may stop them from every becoming nicotine junkies.

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