Suzanne’s Transition From Smoking to Vaping

Jedi Juice FlavourWe asked one of our customers to tell you how she made a relatively painless and angst-free transition from smoking cigarettes to vaping. Here’s her story in her own words – take it away Suzanne!

“Nobody needed to tell me why I should switch from smoking to vaping – I already knew. One day, a friend mentioned vaping. Immediately I did some online research and realized that vaping was something I had to explore.

I tried it, I loved it, I gave up tobacco products and am still smoke and tobacco-free over two years later. Here are some ideas for you on how I successfully made what I call ‘The Big Switch’.

Do your research! Go online, read vaping blogs, email suppliers and visit vape and ejuice stores in person. Ask questions so you can make informed choices.

Set a transition date. I chose a Monday and cleared my calendar for that week. Put your cigarettes in the freezer – there’s a certain comfort in knowing they’re in the house.

Buy a decent starter kit. I chose a simple $100 unit that was recommended by Vapor Jedi. A friend who was already vaping helped me set it up.

Enlist a couple of friends to join a ‘make the switch’ group. Then each of you can order different ejuice flavours and share. This worked  well for my group of three. I discovered Mr. Mint was my fave, one friend loved the dessert flavours, like Sugar Cookie, and the third went with straight tobacco flavours.

Choose the right nicotine level. Each eliquid comes with nicotine or without – and there are lots of different levels you can choose. I started with a stronger nicotine level and gradually reduced it as my cravings lessened.

I had tried many times over the years to get transition away from smoking – I even tried laser and hypnotism. Making the switch from smoking to vaping worked for me, and if it worked for me, it can work for you, too. Now I vape with my morning coffee and with my nightly pre-dinner cocktail. My clothes and hair smell fresh and clean and so does my house!

Good luck – I know you can do it!”

~Suzanne W., Ontario

We’d love to hear your personal stories, too. Email us or leave a comment below to share your journey from smoking to vaping.

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