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The Overlooked Benefit of Ecigarettes – Tax Revenue

From the day they were first introduced into the marketplace, ecigarettes have been fighting an uphill battle. They have had to take on the big tobacco companies; local, provincial, and federal governments; and advocacy groups that are against the spread

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Anti-Vaping Campaigns Could Have Adverse Effect

Push too hard in one direction and you could have an adverse impact on what you are trying to accomplish. This is exactly what is starting to happen with the anti-vaping campaigns by public health officials in Canada. For years,

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Ontario’s Misguided Anti-vaping Campaign

A few weeks back we got a good belly laugh when reading Ontario’s ‘The Making Healthier Choices Act’. In a ‘nut’shell, this archaic pronouncement treats vaping as if it were as harmful as smoking tobacco, despite escalating scientific evidence that

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Ontario’s Anti-Vaping Laws Could Actually Be Illegal

While the intent of the Ontario provincial government is to improve the overall health and well-being of residents, The Making Healthier Choices Act has unfairly targeted the vaping community and has lumped in e-cigarettes and vaping with cigarette smoking. There

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Toronto and Ontario the Next to Ban Ecigarettes – Treat Them Like Cigarettes

The Ontario provincial government is set to put in motion a bill that will extremely limit the ability to vape in the city of Toronto and the rest of the province. This is a complete 180 from what they initially

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Congressional Vaper Slams E-cigarette Ban

Last week, during a House Transportation Committee hearing, Representative Duncan Hunter, a Republican from California, made history by vaping as he slammed a proposed e-cigarette ban on planes. “First, I’d like to say this,” Hunter said before taking a deep puff

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Vapor Advocates of Ontario at Toronto’s Ecigarette Protest Rally

This past Saturday, December 5, 2015 saw hundreds of concerned citizens gathered outside Toronto’s Queen’s Park to protest Ontario’s Electronic Cigarette Act, which passed last May.  Schedule 3 of Bill-45, which passed third reading with an incredible (to us, anyway)

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