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7 Side Effects Associated with Vaping Ecigs

We asked some of our blog readers to let us know if they’ve observed any side effects from e-cig usage. We also told them not to hold back – to tell us what they really think! Vaping Side Effects Before

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Stop Smoking, Get a Free E-Cigarette

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again … Britain gets it! According to a recent article in Fortune magazine, Public Health England has publicly endorsed e-cigarettes as “an efficient and desirable way to reduce the health risks from

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What’s an E-cig and How Do I Vape it?

What Are E Cigs? E-cigarettes continue to grow in popularity among smokers and adults seeking an alternative to smoking. Commonly referred to by a number of terms, including e-cigs, electronic cigarettes, vaping, and vaporizer cigarettes, e-cigarettes are a device that

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