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Ontario’s Anti-Vaping Laws Could Actually Be Illegal

While the intent of the Ontario provincial government is to improve the overall health and well-being of residents, The Making Healthier Choices Act has unfairly targeted the vaping community and has lumped in e-cigarettes and vaping with cigarette smoking. There

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Ecigarettes Are Officially Banned on Commercial Flights in the US

Vaping and ecigarettes are officially banned from another area – on flights in the United States. The US Department of Transportation has officially banned the use of ecigarettes on commercial flights. The new restrictions specifically mention electronic cigarettes and vaping

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New York Court Rules Vaping Is Not the Same as Smoking

One of the biggest debates that exists between vapers and non-vapers is whether or not vaping is the same as smoking. While the comparison will naturally be made, they are in fact different in many ways, and a New York

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Ecigarette News: Legal Updates on Vaping

Edmonton, Alberta, is the latest Canadian city to jump on the e-cigarette hate wagon. Following Calgary’s lead, Edmonton has proclaimed a ban on the use of ecigs in all public places where smoking tobacco is also prohibited. In our ongoing

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To Vape or Not to Vape (on a plane)

To vape or not to vape when flying. That is the question.  This article started out on quite a serious note, but while doing my research I came across the following  travellers’ comments regarding air travel and e-cigs. This conversation

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