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The Ecigarette Debate – Are Advocates and Detractors Missing the Point?

Ecigarettes have become a polarising topic and the debate rages on about whether or not they should be legal. Virtually everything about vaping has been called into questions, making it difficult for anyone to know what is true, what is

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10 Vaping Myths Exposed – Part Deux

As promised, here’s the continuation from our last post, 10 Vaping Myths Exposed, Part 1… #5 E-juice vapour is just as dangerous as cigarette smoke. Tobacco smoke contains at least 69 confirmed carcinogens, along with over 7,000 chemicals.  A 2012

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Ecig Facts: 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Vaping

Ecigs are growing in popularity, that’s no news flash. But as the vaping industry continues to attract more mainstream media attention, it leaves users with some confusion about ecig facts vs fiction. Let’s debunk some ecig myths and set the record straight. Here

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