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4 Tips to Help You Transition from Smoking to Vaping

So you are finally ready to make the switch to vaping. You’re not alone. Thousands of people are contemplating the same thing at this exact moment. However, making the transition from smoking to vaping is not as simple as switching

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Artisanal Ejuice + Vaping Mixology

Sophisticated vapers are beginning to demand more from their e-liquids. In the beginning, it was enough to be able to purchase an e-juice that tasted somewhat like tobacco, with just a hint of mint. Knowing that the vapour cloud you

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5 Great Eliquid Flavours to Ring in Spring

Spring has finally sprung, and hopefully it’s here to stay! As the season changes, so do many vapers’ preferences for the type of eliquid they like to vape. Vapor Jedi has you covered! We offer a variety of eliquid flavours

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Eliquid to Sync With Your Drink!

Wine pairings will seem like old hat after you’ve tried syncing your vape flavour to your food or drink. We’ve been known to add fruit to a cocktail, orange juice to a Sunday brunch glass of champagne or B&B to

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8 Vaping Christmas Gifts Under $25

Can you believe it’s December already? Christmas is fast approaching. Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Looking for some stocking stuffers or last minute gift ideas for the vaper in your life? We have you covered! To help you

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Choose an Ejuice Flavour Based on the Food You Love

Whether you’re a novice vaper or a seasoned pro, finding the right ejuice flavour is one of the keys to an enjoyable vaping experience. If you stick to the same ejuice, over time you’re bound to grow complacent and want

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Suzanne’s Transition From Smoking to Vaping

We asked one of our customers to tell you how she made a relatively painless and angst-free transition from smoking cigarettes to vaping. Here’s her story in her own words – take it away Suzanne! “Nobody needed to tell me

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Underage Vaping: Why Vaping is Not Necessarily A Gateway to Smoking

Those who oppose vaping and see it as a threat to teens commonly cite that ecigarette companies market to children by offering ejuice flavours that appeal to young people. But think about this – how different are the flavours for ecigarettes

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