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Ontario’s Misguided Anti-vaping Campaign

A few weeks back we got a good belly laugh when reading Ontario’s ‘The Making Healthier Choices Act’. In a ‘nut’shell, this archaic pronouncement treats vaping as if it were as harmful as smoking tobacco, despite escalating scientific evidence that

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Ecigarette News: Legal Updates on Vaping

Edmonton, Alberta, is the latest Canadian city to jump on the e-cigarette hate wagon. Following Calgary’s lead, Edmonton has proclaimed a ban on the use of ecigs in all public places where smoking tobacco is also prohibited. In our ongoing

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You Can Vape on the Trip, But Not on the Ship

You can vape in a car,  you can vape in a bar You can vape in the rain, but not on a train … Where exactly can you vape these days? And for that matter, where exactly can’t you vape?

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