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3 Things Cigarette Smokers Need To Know About Vaping

Cigarette smokers are just as uninformed about vaping as the rest of the population, which is a darn shame because they are the ones who stand to gain the most if only they’d switch. So in the interest of educating

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4 Tips to Help You Transition from Smoking to Vaping

So you are finally ready to make the switch to vaping. You’re not alone. Thousands of people are contemplating the same thing at this exact moment. However, making the transition from smoking to vaping is not as simple as switching

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UK Hospitals Allow Ecigarettes on Premises to Help Patients Quit Smoking

A number of hospitals in the United Kingdom have just lent a huge amount of credibility to the vaping movement with the decision to allow patients and staff members to vape on the hospital premises. They officially removed the ban

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Smoking vs. Vaping – Do You Have All the Facts?

How much do you really know about the great ‘smoking cigarettes’ versus ‘vaping e-liquid’ debate? Actually, in our world there’s not too much ‘debate’ about which is the safer choice, but if you’re a newbie to the vape world, or

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‘A Billion Lives’ – The Vaping Documentary

It’s a first for the vaping community. ‘A Billion Lives’ is a full-length documentary film about to explode onto the world stage. It’s the true story of the vaping revolution, and of the corruption and deceit of pharmaceutical companies, governments

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Ecigarettes Estimated to Have Helped 22K People Quit Smoking in 2014

There has been a lot of back and forth about whether or not ecigarettes and vaping actually helps people quit smoking. While the jury is still out about its role, a recent study coming out of England has suggested that

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5 Vaping Myths Tobacco Companies Want You To Believe

… and why you should  try vaping. Have you failed again to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes? Don’t feel bad. Like the ad says – it takes practice to kick the habit. The tobacco companies don’t want you to quit, so

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UK Quit Smoking Workshop Encourages Vaping E-cigarettes

We envy the lucky UK folks who live in Suffolk. Live Well Suffolk is the county’s free healthy lifestyle service that offers complimentary classes, information and non-judgemental support to help its citizens become healthier. Classes vary in length and include

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Study Finds Vaping Helps Smokers

Whether or not vaping can help people quit smoking is somewhat of a controversial issue. The Government and Big Pharma are in it together, throwing shade on the ecigarette industry. Those outside the vaping industry contend that it doesn’t help

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New Year, New You: Ready to Quit Smoking?

Is this the year you’ll finally quit smoking – for good? What would it take for you to truly commit to ditching the tobacco habit? Are you one of the vast majority who’ve tried to quit before and have failed?

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