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5 Vaping Myths Tobacco Companies Want You To Believe

… and why you should  try vaping. Have you failed again to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes? Don’t feel bad. Like the ad says – it takes practice to kick the habit. The tobacco companies don’t want you to quit, so

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Introducing i-Fuse, the Hybrid e-Cigarette

An innovative cigarette ‘alternative’ is about to be launched in Britain. British American Tobacco (BAT) will soon unveil it’s first ‘heat, not burn’ product in a mystery European market where the company’s Kent brand of tobacco cigarettes is popular. If

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Is Vaping Safer than Smoking Tobacco?

We can’t say this is an old question, because it’s not. E-cigarettes have only been around since 2003, so although the jury is still somewhat out on whether vaping is actually safer than using tobacco, the current slant gives vaping

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