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Study Finds Vaping Helps Smokers

Whether or not vaping can help people quit smoking is somewhat of a controversial issue. The Government and Big Pharma are in it together, throwing shade on the ecigarette industry. Those outside the vaping industry contend that it doesn’t help

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CDC – please tell the truth!

America’s Centre for Disease Control (CDC) consistently misrepresents e-cigarette statistics. Recently a spokesperson declared “the decline in teenage tobacco usage is too modest to be statistically significant.” We wish we could ask the CDC what they’re smoking! Just over a

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Underage Vaping: Ecigs Don’t Make Teens Smoke

It is hard to imagine that one of the biggest arguments against vaping is that it’s a gateway to smoking for teens. Studies have proven it’s simply not true. This is an unfounded argument we hear time and time again from those

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Underage Vaping: Why Vaping is Not Necessarily A Gateway to Smoking

Those who oppose vaping and see it as a threat to teens commonly cite that ecigarette companies market to children by offering ejuice flavours that appeal to young people. But think about this – how different are the flavours for ecigarettes

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