The Ecigarette Debate – Are Advocates and Detractors Missing the Point?

ecigarette-debateEcigarettes have become a polarising topic and the debate rages on about whether or not they should be legal. Virtually everything about vaping has been called into questions, making it difficult for anyone to know what is true, what is a myth, who is telling the truth, and who is being deceptive.

“A furious debate has been taking place in recent years over electronic cigarettes, and the debate can unfortunately become quite nasty and polarised. Public health practitioners who have fought together for decades are now often opposed,” says Alex Wodak in The Guardian.

Those who advocate for vaping and those who advocate against have embroiled themselves in a huge pissing match where they are more concerned about winning arguments and making their point that they are overlooking some of the most important questions we need to be asking, regardless of what side we are on.

The truth is what we should be after

People just want to know if vaping is safe, in what doses, if it does in fact help curb smoking, and whether or not they are more cost effective, and so on.

“Do electronic cigarettes (ECs) help smokers to quit? Are ECs as innocuous as their advocates claim? Is duplicitous and unscrupulous Big Tobacco cynically manipulating naïve EC supporters in their avaricious search for profits? Do ECs normalise smoking, thereby providing a gateway to increasing smoking? Have some EC advocates with murky links to the tobacco industry or pharmaceutical companies attempted to conceal these ties? Are ECs yet another in a long list of failed harm reduction attempts for tobacco?” asks Wodak.

Wodak poses some great questions, but he believes there are three more important questions that we should be asking (also the questions that are getting put on the back burner):

  1. Are ecigarettes effective?
  2. Are ecigarettes safe?
  3. Are ecigarettes cost effective?

Regardless if you are a vaper or not, these are the questions that we need to focus on to ensure the ecigarette industry is creating safe, effective and affordable products for people looking for an alternative to smoking. It’s not about who is right and wrong, it’s about coming up with safe and effective solutions for everyone – vapers and non-vapers alike.

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