Switching From Tobacco to Ejuice Could Reduce Hot Flashes

Smokers and hot flashesOh the dreaded hot flash – that rush of intense warmth that starts at your toes and ends at your scalp, that skin flushing, sweating, sleep disruption and increased heart rate that can leave you soaked and shaking. About 85% of all women will experience hot flashes at some point in their lives. And while we think of hot flashes as mainly affecting women, they can also affect men on hormone treatments for prostate cancer. Almost 75% of men on this therapy have hot flashes that disrupt their quality of life.

New study shows a connection between tobacco consumption and hot flashes

A recent study links smoking tobacco products to more intense hot flashes. The study followed approximately 800 menopausal women for seven years. Data showed that only 39 percent of the women who had never smoked tobacco had hot flashes, compared to 52 percent of ex-tobacco smokers and 62 percent of women who were still smoking cigarettes.

Another survey showed that women who had not smoked tobacco for over five years prior to the onset of menopause were much less likely to experience debilitating and/or frequent hot flashes than women who continued to use tobacco. And another research analysis showed that non- smokers definitely have less severe menopausal symptoms. All of these studies are in line with previous ones that showed using tobacco could interfere with hormones, neurotransmitters and other mechanisms linked to hot flashes.

Now we’re not suggesting that tobacco use causes or worsens menopausal hot flashes – that would be presumptive and irresponsible. But we are suggesting that it’s possible that switching from tobacco products to vaping e-juice just might help reduce current or future menopausal symptoms including hot flashes.

And consider the perks of e-juice we can defend as factual – so many delicious flavours to choose from, clean and fresh smelling skin, hair and clothes, no more nicotine film on your walls and windows … not to mention the money you’ll save if you switch from tobacco to vaping.

What do you have to lose? Maybe it’s those annoying hot flashes!

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