Toronto and Ontario the Next to Ban Ecigarettes – Treat Them Like Cigarettes

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The Ontario provincial government is set to put in motion a bill that will extremely limit the ability to vape in the city of Toronto and the rest of the province.

This is a complete 180 from what they initially proposed in November 2015, which allowed people to vape in any public place where smoking was prohibited. The change in rules has put businesses and restaurant owners in the awkward position of telling people they have to stop vaping, and Restaurants Canada has requested the government rethink the policy.

Vaping Now Considered the Same as Smoking

As part of the bill, ecigarettes and medical marijuana will now be treated exactly the same manner as smoking – even though they are not the same thing.

“The sale of e-cigarettes to those under 19 years old already came into effect on January 1st, but laws pertaining to smoking medical marijuana and vaping in places like restaurants and shops were under review by the provincial government after negative feedback to exemptions that authorized their use in places where traditional cigarettes have long been banned,” says Derek Flack on BlogTO.

Where Will Vaping Be Banned?

Once the law takes effect, vaping will be banned in the following places:

  • Office buildings
  • Movie theatres
  • Stadium
  • Restaurants and bars – including on patios
  • Hospitals
  • Schoolyards and playgrounds (agreed!)

One very interesting takeaway and wrinkle with the new law is that you will no longer be able to sample vaping products or eliquids where they are sold – something that has vape store owners and customers very upset.

“Progressive Conservative MPP Randy Hillier, vapers’ leading crusader at Queen’s Park because he maintains e-cigarettes help smokers wean off of more harmful tobacco, has stressed ‘harm reduction ought to be our goal,’” in The Star.

“The most effective technology so far developed to help people kick their smoking addiction is the vaporizer,” Hillier said.

“We are going to condemn tens of thousands of people to stay addicted to tobacco on false, moralistic grounds that have no science or evidence to back it up,” he added.

All of this is happened amid the ruling by a New York Court that vaping is not the same as smoking.

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