To Vape or Not to Vape (on a plane)

vaping and air travelTo vape or not to vape when flying. That is the question.  This article started out on quite a serious note, but while doing my research I came across the following  travellers’ comments regarding air travel and e-cigs. This conversation is simply too funny not to share!

Andy asks, “Does anyone know what the general airline policy is for using electronic cigarettes while onboard? Just wondering how crew and passengers would react, as they only give off vapour, not smoke. Technically it’s not a cigarette and contains no tobacco, and nicotine amounts are the same or lower than a patch. Just wondering  :)”

Joe responded, “Their reaction? Punch you in the face, and then say ‘Sorry I didn’t realise it wasn’t a real cigarette.’ Some smokers (he means vapers!) may feel it’s okay to puff clouds of nicotine vapour over their fellow travellers, but it’s not!”

Medic replied, “Take it to the bathroom. I don’t think it’d set off the smoke alarm.”

Gladys answered, “I sure hope it DOES set it off! Taking it to the bathroom is rude and inconsiderate. You will leave nicotine in the bathroom air which many would rather not breathe and people need to us the restroom for the reason it was designed.”

Oh my … vaping and air travel certainly is a ‘hot’ topic!

Most major North American airlines forbid vaping onboard.

Period.  As for taking your chances in the plane’s lavatory, unless you’d like to be met at the gate with a pair of handcuffs, I’d avoid giving it a try. One e-cig review site did extensive testing with a home smoke detector, and vaping did set off the alarm.

You’ll be limited to 3.4 ounce containers of e-liquid  in your carry-on luggage, and you can carry as many containers as will fit into a 1 quart zip lock bag. Your batteries and charger can go in with your laptop case or with your other electronics. Disconnect your battery and your atomizer when going through security, as they could set off an alarm.

Can you vape in the airport terminal?

This is tricky and the answer is yes and no. Our best advice is to go online and check the airport(s) you will be flying through, including your connecting flights. Currently, it seems that each airport has its own set of rules regarding vaping inside their terminals, and some airports even have different rules for different terminals!

Always check with your airline and airport ahead of time. What do you think about vaping in airports and on planes? Yay or nay?

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