Vaping Etiquette: Where & When Is It Socially Acceptable?

vaping etiquetteVaping in public is a hot topic in many communities. There is a lot of debate about whether ecigarettes in Canada should be treated similar to smoking or if it should have its own set of bylaws.

While many city councils debate electronic cigarette health risks and how to address ecigarette use in public, vapers are stuck in a weird social and political limbo.

No one is really sure where and when it is okay to vape. Is it okay to vape indoors? Are ecigs safe to use in public? Should they follow similar protocols to smoking? Should there be a new set of rules for vaping?

It can tough for newbies, and even for experienced vapers, to fully understand the rules around what’s socially acceptable. What is the proper vaping etiquette? Although there is no concrete set of rules, common sense should always prevail.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of vaping etiquette best practices to keep top of mind:

  • Ask before vaping indoors: Whether you are at a friend’s house, at the office, or at a restaurant, always ask before vaping. Establishments have different rules and viewpoints about vaping in public. Never assume it’s okay to vape.
  • Don’t try to force vaping on others: We know you love vaping, but this doesn’t mean you should try to push it on everyone you know.  Would you want someone else imposing their hobby on you? Probably not.
  • Don’t use other people’s ecigs without asking: Whether you are new to vaping or curious about trying ecigarettes, it’s important to understand that vaping is a very personal thing. Always ask before using someone else’s ecig.
  • Keep your vapor clouds to yourself: Even fellow vapers can find it annoying when you blow a huge vapor cloud in their direction. Keep the vapor smoke tricks to yourself.
  • Avoid vaping around children, if possible: Even though ecigarette side effects are minimal, it’s a good practice to avoid vaping when children are present, especially if they are not your children. Go outside or into another room.
  • Use common sense when vaping in public: At the end of the day, vaping etiquette really comes down to using your common sense. Be respectful of people’s personal space, ask if you are unsure, and respect other’s wishes.

Vaping etiquette is about respecting those around you. With all the recent talk about changing Canadian ecigarette bylaws, it is up to vapers to set a good example. Don’t be a jerk about vaping in public. Even if you’re outside, be conscious of where you are blowing your vapor cloud. Make the effort to respect non-vapers. The last thing you want to do is give vapers a bad reputation!

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