Vaping in 2016: 3 New Year’s Resolution for Ecig Users

Vaping in 2016It’s here … 2016 is upon us! It’s the time of the year when most people are thinking about their New Year’s plans and starting to think about their New Year’s resolutions – the things they are going to do next year to improve their life, achieve more, and be a better person. Resolutions are also something with which you can have fun and apply to any area of your life – including vaping in 2016!

We have put together a number of great New Year’s resolutions for our fellow vapers to consider:

  1. Try a new flavour

Most people are creatures of habit. We find something we like, and we stick with it. But how much fun is that? As a vaper, you have access to hundreds of different ejuice flavours. So, try a new flavour or 10 in the new year. It’s a great way to change your vaping experience.

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  1. Get involved in the cause

There has been a lot in the news about ecigarettes lately. Provincial governments across the country are enacting new laws that are essentially classifying ecigarettes as other tobacco products, and as a result, they are placing limits on where you can buy and vape. There is strength in numbers, and becoming an active member of the vaping community and making your voice heard can make a difference. Consider getting involved by contacting your MPP and joining local ecigarette advocacy groups.

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  1. Educate others

People tend to have a lot of questions about ecigarettes – how they work, what they taste like, health effects, etc. They have these questions because there is considerable misinformation online about vaping. Rather than getting defensive when people ask you about it, take it as an opportunity to have an open conversation and educate others about the reality of ecigarettes.

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Happy New Year from the VaporJedi Team!

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