Vaping is More Than Just a Cigarette Replacement

ecigarette case While it’s obvious to most people why the popularity of the e-cigarette has soared in the past few years, there are a few other reasons vapers, both young and old, love their e-cigs. Not only are e-cigarettes less harmful to your health than tobacco cigarettes (more about that later), they can be downright fun!

Vaping is creative

Let’s start with the flavours! Fruit, candy, bakery and dessert, soda pop and liquor – name your fave and there’s a flave for you. Strawberry Banana Crème or Watermelon, Black Licorice or Chocolate Mint, Apple Pie or Vanilla Sugar Cookie, Mountain Dew, Absinthe or Buttered Rum – there are literally thousands of flavours you can create by mixing e-juices yourself.

Vaping is fashionable

We can’t tell you how many customers tell us that next to the health aspect of vaping versus tobacco smoking, they love the ability to switch up their casings at a moment’s notice. Most choose solid colours for daytime, particularly black if they want to be discreet. But more and more are choosing colours to match their work attire, and fun and fabulous cartridges for a night out at the bar, or sleekly sophisticated clearomizers for a more formal occasion.  Choose fish or florals, stripes or dots – the possibilities are limitless. And … wait for it … we have a client who bedazzled hers for her daughter’s wedding!

Vaping is a healthier choice

Let’s go back to the health issue.  Why the powers that be refuse to recognize the positive health benefits of vaping versus tobacco smoking doesn’t really baffle us. Government and Big Pharma are in it together throwing shade on the e-cig industry. And it’s obvious electronic cigarettes are safer and cleaner for the environment.

Can you imagine winter streets not lined with cigarette smokers huddled in doorways (to say nothing of the tobacco cloud you’re forced to walk through to enter the building), or summer parks and roads not littered with empty cigarette packs and butts? We can!

Do you have a fun ecig accessory? Tell us about it!

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