Benefits of Vaping Medical Marijuana

Medical MarijuanaThe benefits of medical marijuana have been known for years. But until quite recently, rolling a joint or baking a batch of brownies has been the only way to get relief. It comes as no surprise to us that vaping is quickly overtaking previous methods of marijuana ingestion, and in fact, in a large study of medical marijuana users, vaporizers ranked highest in satisfaction, meaning that patients felt most functional after vaping cannabis rather than smoking or eating it.

While the study did not investigate specific side effects of vaping marijuana, some participants said vaporizers produced a more clear-headed “high.” Cannabis vapor can be inhaled in shorter and shallower puffs, whereas other smoking devices usually require deeper and larger breaths, which can be uncomfortable for new users.

Pain and nausea are the main reasons patients ask for a marijuana prescription. Multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease can cause incredibly tortuous muscle spasms. Cancer can cause relentless pain, and chemotherapy treatment debilitating nausea. When marijuana is vaped, relief is almost instantaneous, poor appetite is fixed and pain is a thing of the past. The relaxation aspect of weed doesn’t hurt either.

How does medical marijuana work?

You may wonder how and why it works. Our bodies already make chemicals that affect pain, inflammation and other symptoms.  Marijuana enhances those natural chemicals, making them work better. Almost all of us know of a cancer patient who had to have relatives or friends buy illegal weed just to alleviate chemo treatment nausea.

Medical marijuana can be smoked as a joint or in a pipe, eaten in the aforementioned brownies or candy, swallowed as a liquid extract and now vaporized (heated until the active ingredients are released but no smoke is formed).  Side effects may include dizziness, drowsiness, giddiness and euphoria, pain relief and increased appetite.

Many physicians and patients believe vaping is a better way of consuming marijuana. Not only do they trust that vaping marijuana rather than smoking it eliminates harmful toxins, they think it’s healthier for your lungs. Perhaps more importantly to patients, it delivers faster relief than any other method including topical application.

We’re not advocating smoking weed – we’re just providing information that may be helpful to you or a friend or a family member who is suffering. Before vaping marijuana, get your doctor’s okay, and remember that those who are pregnant, have heart disease or a mental disorder and are under the legal smoking age are exempt and should not use marijuana.

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